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megrendeléstől 2-3 hét, előleggel. Choosing a Storage DeviceNormally, movie clips captured by the EOS 5D Mark II are stored in the camera using a CompactFlash memory card with a data transfer speed of at least 8MB per second. Most currently sold CF cards are at least that fast, but for best results we recommend the use of UDMA-compliant4 CF cards, which tend to be much faster than 8MB/sec. The camera itself is compatible up to UDMA Mode 6, which represents a maximum data transfer rate of 133MB/sec. , although the fastest cards available as of September, 2008 are in the range of approximately 45MB/sec. The optional WFT-E4A wireless transmitter grip lets you transer files directly to an external storage device. The highest capacity available in CF as of September 2008 is 100GB5, and the maximum storage capacity of the current CF card format is 137GB. For photographers seeking greater storage capacity as well as lower storage costs per gigabyte, the EOS 5D Mark II offers the option of recording movies and/or still images directly to an external storage device, bypassing the CF card in the camera. Direct recording to a USB storage device is supported by the optional WFT-E4A Wireless File Transmitter, which is scheduled to be shipped to dealers in late November, 2008 along with the EOS 5D Mark II camera. Direct recording to a compatible personal computer is also possible via Remote Live View. The WFT-E4A acts as a USB host, which makes it possible to attach storage devices with far greater storage capacity than CF cards. Small devices such as most USB #8220;keychains #8221; and hard drives with 1.8-inch or smaller disk diameters can be powered by the WFT-E4A, but larger hard drives will require their own independent power supply. Set-up for external storage is fairly straightforward using the EOS 5D Mark II #8217;s LCD menu screens, but there are a few rules to follow: It #8217;s possible to record movie clips directly to an external USB storage device connected to the WFT-E4A, but the 4GB maximum clip length remains in effect. 6 It #8217;s also possible to record movie clips or still images directly to a compatible personal computer using Remote Live View. The EOS 5D Mark II does not support simultaneous recording of movie clips to the camera #8217;s CF card and external storage. (However, simultaneous recording of still images to both locations is supported). When storing movie clips directly to external media connected to the WFT-E4A via USB, the data connection must be established before shooting begins, i. e. , the USB lamp on the WFT-E4A must light up in green. Failure to follow this step may prevent movie recording. After they #8217;re captured, it #8217;s possible to copy (transfer) movie clips stored in the camera to external storage through the WFT-E4A. As previously mentioned, the EOS 5D Mark II supports direct movie capture to a compatible personal computer when using the Remote Live View function of the supplied EOS Utility software. In this case, the camera must be connected directly to the computer via USB. Direct movie transfer is not available when the EOS 5D Mark II is connected to the computer via Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E4A. Így is ismerheti: WFT E 4, WFTE4, WFT E4, WFT-E 4
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